With over 25 years experience in the electronics industry, we can offer you affordable and effective security solutions for the protection of your:


  • Home and Family
  • Business and Property   


We strive to offer personal service while maintaining service after the sale. In today's competitive business environment, it seems that the customer has become an “account” or “customer number”. Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service and education possible, while still providing cost-effective solutions!


With the ever-increasing crime rate and the instability of our economy,doesn't it make sense to secure the people and things you've invested much in? Whether you need a simple burglar alarm system in your home or business, or a complex multi-story office building access control system, we have the experience to provide you with quality products and service, while keeping you within your security budget.


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Apple Electronics and Security

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  Apple E & S    National Companies
1 No term contracts!    Typically a 3-5 year contract
2 Monitoring starting at $16.95/mo.   Monitoring starting at $29.95/mo.
3 Non-proprietary equipment, gives you a choice of service providers, if need arises   Proprietary systems, locking you into their service/equipment
4 Local service means lower service rates or travel charges   Distant service calls usually means higher service rates
5 Monitoring done right here in North Carolina   Monitoring may be several states away (or in another country!)    
6 More personal service   ???
7 We value you as a customer, and truly care about you, your family, your business, and your property   ???


Example of a typical alarm system Costs Anaylysis


Alarm panel (32-zone) with 1 alpha keypad, wireless receiver, backup battery, 2 door contacts, 2 motion detectors, exterior 120dB Siren, keyfob ,smoke detector. Using a "POTS" standard analog telephone line provide by local phone company.




Apple Electronics & Security...$805             Other company...$544


NO CONTRACT !                                       3 to 5-year CONTRACT


Monthly Monitoring


Apple Electronics & Security...$16.95           Other company...$32 per month


NO CONTRACT !                                        3 to 5-year CONTRACT


Total 3-year costs...


Apple Electronics & Security...$ 1,415.20     Other company...$ 1,696.00




Total 3-year savings choosing Apple E&S...$ 281.00