Apple E & S    National Companies
1 No term contracts!    Typically a 3-5 year contract
2 Monitoring starting at $16.95/mo.   Monitoring starting at $29.95/mo.
3 Non-proprietary equipment, gives you a choice of service providers, if need arises   Proprietary systems, locking you into their service/equipment
4 Local service means lower service rates or travel charges   Distant service calls usually means higher service rates
5 Monitoring done right here in North Carolina   Monitoring may be several states away (or in another country!)    
6 More personal service   ???
7 We value you as a customer, and truly care about you, your family, your business, and your property   ???


Example of a typical alarm system Costs Anaylysis


Alarm panel (32-zone) with 1 alpha keypad, wireless receiver, backup battery, 2 door contacts, 2 motion detectors, exterior 120dB Siren, keyfob ,smoke detector. Using a "POTS" standard analog telephone line provide by local phone company.




Apple Electronics & Security...$805             Other company...$544


NO CONTRACT !                                       3 to 5-year CONTRACT


Monthly Monitoring


Apple Electronics & Security...$16.95           Other company...$32 per month


NO CONTRACT !                                        3 to 5-year CONTRACT


Total 3-year costs...


Apple Electronics & Security...$ 1,415.20     Other company...$ 1,696.00




Total 3-year savings choosing Apple E&S...$ 281.00