1. You may not can afford one.


We do not take the "free" or "low-cost" alarm system approach. Why? Often times,a free or low-cost system does not provide adequate protection for your people and your property. There are typically two types of security companies. There is the professional security company who's goal is to provide you with a system that leaves no "gaps" in your property,a gap in which a potential intruder could come in undetected and potentially harm people or do damage or theft to proerty. The other "security" company is the one who is primarily motivated by the recurring revenue and long-term contracts,while providing you with a minimal system which provides little protection,and which leaves gaps in your property. These gaps could very well cost you thousands of dollars in property loss,or worse,bodily harm to you or your loved ones.




2. We cannot afford to.


It's been said that there are no free lunches in life. I say,that what maybe free now,may very well cost you later. That's how it is,even in considering a security system. In determining your needs,we consider every possible entry point that a potential intruder could get into your home or business. We do not attempt to just get you as a customer with a minimal alarm system,leaving gaps,which may cost you (and us).




3. We care too much about your family, your home, and your property.


Our goal is to provide you with a professionally installed security system with the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing you have the best possible system for the money. Giving you a free system today forces companies to make you sign long-term contracts,of which you cannot get out of, without paying large penalties....even if you are not happy with the level of service they are providing. We want you to stay with us,not because you are forced to by contract, but because you are happy with the service we provide.